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Holistic Health Connection is a clinic based in Melbourne, Australia that uses FOOD as MEDICINE to help encourage the body to heal, but believes that true health and well-being occurs when individuals are treated holistically. All consultations assess and incorporate mental, emotional, and physical strategies into treatments, tailored to the specific needs of Adults & Children of all ages. Through this holistic way of treating, we aim to help clients achieve their health goals and enjoy a fulfilling life.

Consultations will also assess the following to help tell the story of your current state of health:

  • Your current diet and its impact on your health

  • Signs and Symptoms past and present to find the root cause of illness

  • Body shape /Weight/ STRESS levels- and the impact on health

Wellbeing is a Way of Life

Nutrition for Kids

Support Growth & Development

Brain Function

Appetite management

Improve mood and sleep

Body Work

Fat Loss/ Muscle Gain Diets

Injury Recovery/Prevention 

Relaxation Cupping therapy 

Dietary Support

Vegans and Vegetarians



5/2 Diet

LOW Carb

DETOX Diet planning


Anti-Inflammatory Diet


Kids Yoga for Flexibility, Focus, Connection, Strength, Calm and Kindness

Family Meal Planning




Snack recipes

Tailored to your family requirements

Health Check & Functional Medicine

Fat, Muscle, Hydration

Weight Assessment

Blood Pathology


"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence."

- Confucius

Carmen Clark 

Bachelor of Health Science qualified clinical Nutritionist Carmen Clark is the director of Holistic Health Connection. She has a passion for supporting health and well-being for all the family, specialising in gut health, allergies, food intolerance and child nutrition.

Carmen believes in educating her clients on ways for them to help improve and maintain their health long term with diet and lifestyle changes, body movement, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Her philosophy is this;


'Clients of all ages can be empowered to take action

in their health journey'.


"Gave me some very good insights for cutting animal products from my diet.. Knows her stuff!!"

- Simon Burke


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Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Yoga for kids, Wellness Coach, Cupping Therapist, Nutrition for kids. Chronic illness support. Well being is a way of life. We offer dietary, lifestyle, and physical activity plans to facilitate wellness.

About Kids Yoga : Your child will participate in Yoga, Yoga games, mindfulness, and relaxation activities that are fun and simple enough to practice at home. These techniques will help your child enjoy ongoing health and well being benefits.