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Holistic Health Connection is a clinic based in Melbourne, Australia that uses FOOD as MEDICINE to help encourage the body to heal, but believes that true health and well-being occurs when individuals are treated holistically. All consultations assess and incorporate mental, emotional, and physical strategies into treatments, tailored to the specific needs of Adults & Children of all ages. Through this holistic way of treating, we aim to help clients achieve their health goals and enjoy a fulfilling life.

Consultations will also assess the following to help tell the story of your current state of health:

  • Your current diet and its impact on your health

  • Signs and Symptoms past and present to find the root cause of illness

  • Body shape /Weight/ STRESS levels- and the impact on health​

  • Nutrition for Kids
    - Support Growth & Development
    - Brain Function
    - Appetite management
    - Improve mood and sleep

    Dietary Support
    - Vegans and Vegetarians
    - KETO
    - FODMAP
    - 5/2 Diet
    - LOW Carb
    - DETOX Diet planning
    - Diabetes
    - Anti-Inflammatory Diet

    Family Meal Planning
    - Breakfast
    - Lunch
    - Dinner
    - Snack recipes
    - Tailored to your family requirements

    B​ody Work
    - Fat Loss/ Muscle Gain Diets
    - Injury Recovery/Prevention
    - Relaxation Cupping therapy

    - Kids Yoga for Flexibility, Focus, Connection, Strength, Calm and Kindness

    Health Check & Functional Medicine
    - Fat, Muscle, Hydration
    - Weight Assessment
    - Blood Pathology
    - BMI

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