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Woman Cutting Vegetables

Join us in the Holistic Health Connection


I began the HHC community  so that you can feel welcome to discuss how diet can improve health and wellbeing for you and your family. It is a place you can visit anytime online and chat about health issues and recipes.

The purpose of Holistic Health Connection community is to provide a safe place share your health & diet concerns and see that you are not struggling alone. You will get advice from Nutritionist Carmen Clark and be able to access helpful information on diets for health, new food as medicine recipes, latest evidence based studies on nutrients and gain much needed community support.

So no other Mother has to feel guilt ridden, worried, out of her depth, or without a reassuring place to visit.

We share tips, advice, provide a place to ask questions and make connections.

Come and join over 1,000+ Mums on their additive free journey that are ready and waiting to help you on your journey.

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