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Calm Kids Yoga

Yoga sessions specially tailor to the needs of children. Each session covers the following elements to facilitate well being in the children.


We use asanas or postures that: 


  • Build core strength and improves posture  

  • Encourage breathing for well being and relaxation

  • Improves flexibilty of muscles, ligaments and tendons by encouraging blood flow to these areas and shifting stiffness - especially great for injury reduction

We practice Mindfulness to:

  • Help us be present in the moment and appriciate the here and now

  • Help ease the mind of constant thoughts and allow our minds to relax, rest and recuperate

Yoga Games are useful to:

  • Learn the asanas in a fun way

  • Learn to trust our fellow yoga buddies

Relaxation Meditation:

  • Yoga Nidra is guided meditation used to create relaxation of the mind and the body, using the breath, colours and visualisations

  • Used to identify areas of the body that are tight or sore and use the breath to help ease the tension and create relaxation.