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How the Earth Changed my Mood

The Elements of Nature have been inspiring my yoga practice over the past few weeks, and this week we are focusing on Earth.

Earth is the element that gives us stability, security and safety, just like roots of an old elm tree, deeply and firmly rooted within the earth. We can incorporate practices that bring us closer to the earth, to help bring stability and resilience into our own lifes.

I will be exploring different ways to get more connected to the earth in my daily life and I thought it would be great to share some of my experience because the results have been really surprising!

Deep Breathing from the Belly while Walking in Nature

While I was walking my dog in our local park lands I started breathing mindfully. Imagine your breath is moving like a wave over your core from your belly, to your ribs and chest and back down again.

As you breathe IN through your nose (3 counts)

Fill your Belly with air breathing up to your Ribs and Chest

As you breathe OUT through your mouth (5 counts or more)

Releasing air slowly as your Chest drops, your Ribs and finally your Belly drops.

Occasionally I raised my arms in sync with each breath IN, and arms fall with each breath OUT, moving with my breath.

Repeat for in 3-5 rounds break for 10 minutes and cycle again.

Get Barefooted

How often do you take your shoes off and wriggle your toes in the earth? Not very often right?

First I looked around thinking, I hope no-one is watching me - isn't that strange?! Haha!

The soil was cold and soft, and I wriggled my toes in it, the morning dew, still fresh on the grass felt all the wet squelchy.. it felt amazing! My dog ran off so I chased him and the feeling of running on cold dewy grass was very invigorating!

Grounding Changed my Mood

Suddenly I felt so happy, like a kid again - vitality flowed through me!

After about 10 minutes of enjoying the fresh air with my deep breathing and the cool of the ground on my feet, I put my socks and shoes on and my feet still felt amazing - all tingly and fresh in my shoes. I had a bounce in my step and a smile on my face, I was saying Good Morning to everyone! My energy had been recharged, I felt like I could easily have replaced Julie Andrews on a field singing The hills are alive.... hahaha!

Enthusiasm Motivation and Creativity Spiked

I had a lot of great ideas come to me on my walk, and the motivation to do it! One of them being the writing of this blog post, because I wanted to share and inspire others to give it a go!

If you now feel motivated to have your own grounding experience with the earth, let me know how it was for you :)

If you would like your child to feel more connected we explore ways to do this through our yoga poses, games and mindfulness exercises that encourage strength and stability.

Join our Class :)

Calm Kids Yoga class on Friday at 4.30 -5.30pm Ages 6 - 12

L: Better Moves Physiotherapy

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Contact Carmen for more information

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